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Oak Home Office

One of the classic looks for a home office is to furnish it with an oak desk, cabinets and perhaps a credenza. Oak is a very sturdy wood that holds up well over time and can come in a variety of natural shades and colours. You can also stain oak to give it a darker appearance if so desired.

Deciding the right type of oak furniture to buy depends in part on the available space you have in your home as well as your personal preferences. Unlike oak-finished office furniture which is basically pressboard covered with a thin layer of oak veneer, real oak furniture is made of solid oak. As such, it is quite a bit more expensive then the desk or cabinet you buy in knocked-down form in a box and assemble at home.

There are stores that make all sorts of furniture from real oak. They usually have a nice selection of desks, credenzas, hutches and file cabinets made of oak. Many offer custom built furniture so you can get exactly what you want. The furniture is made of different types of oak, perhaps white oak or maybe red oak.

Whether you just need a small desk to put your computer on, or you want a complete home office made of oak, you will be getting high quality furniture at a reasonable price. This furniture can last just about forever. You certainly can pass oak furniture down from generation to generation. In fact, as oak ages, it only gets better.