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Oak Ranges

Oak In Your Home

Oak is the perfect addition to any household, be it as part of a trusty bedroom set, a classy living room design, some comfortable tables and cupboards in the sitting room, or even a nicely furnished home office as your base of operations. There are many different ranges of oak products that can enhance your home with their beauty, and two of the main ones are Shawford, and Fama.

Shawford oak is very beautiful and highly polished to give it a fetching shine. This means it will give your home a very classy and well looked after appearance, and because of the glossy finish you can easy clean it and make sure it stays looking as beautiful as it did the day you bought it. Shawford's range of oak products for all rooms of the house are made from solid oak and are designed to the highest possible standard to ensure that your home looks as classy as possible. You also have the added bonus of them being really hard wearing and durable. Spills and strains can be treated, and because oak is so strong it's very difficult to chip or splinter it with cups or ornaments like lamps or figurines. This makes it great value for money as it's worth paying the little bit extra for solid oak to have it last a life time.

Solid Oak Only The Best

Fama oak has a much softer look to it, rather than the shiny polished appearance that Shawford has, and this can have the effect of making your home look much more cosy and lived in. Fama oak is of a very light colour and is gently finished to maintain this lovely colour and effect, but this doesn't mean they're any less durable. Colour is no indication of strength when it comes to oak, and this lovely range of furniture from the Fama family will last you a life time as they're made from the best quality sustainable oak around. Fama have a lovely range of office furniture to make your work from home experience much classier than it would be if you worked in a commercial office and you'll find some stunning living room furniture on offer from book cases to CD racks and coffee tables.