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Oak Console Tables

Oak With Classic Style

There are some stylish pieces of wood furniture that can be used in smaller areas of the home. The designs of oak console tables makes them a good choice for using in hallway areas or front entryways. The console table is designed to be thinner in width than other types of side tables, which makes it a popular choice for use in hallways. The Coat Rack complements the Console Table nicely. The styles in oak can come as classic styles with a top table surface and four straight legs. Some variations on this design will include one, two or three drawers underneath the table surface. There may also be an added shelf placed toward the bottom of the legs to create some storage space.

Hallway Oak Furniture

The legs used for the frame may come in some bowed or curved decorative styles to give the piece more of a period or antique appearance. The curved leg design is referred to as cabriole and is French in its origin. The oak used to craft these tables makes them very durable as well as beautiful in appearance. The natural wood grain adds to the beauty of the piece and will usually have a high gloss surface coating. This style of table can be used in a foyer to hold items that people access on a daily basis such as the mail or a telephone directory. It is often used as a decorative piece of furniture and usually has a vase of flowers or a figurine placed on the table surface as a welcoming sight for people entering the home.