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Oak Bookcases

Bookcases Created From Oak

Oak is a legendary wood, and many book lovers have spent pleasurable hours reading about journeys into an oak forest or the escapades of the dryads who lived there. It is not without merit that oak came to be associated with many celebrated heroes: strength is one of the most renowned qualities of this wood.

The strength of oak makes it an idea choice for bookcases that must bear heavy loads year in and year out. Oak is a hardwood that grows with a straight grain, so it does not warp or bow as easily as other woods. Oak wood is denser than fir or pine, so it will resist gouges better. If the surface is nicked, then unlike composite bookcases, the small scratches can easily be polished out. For years, school and office furniture was made of oak, which is a testament to its durability.

The Beauty Of Oak

Perhaps the best reason for selecting oak bookcases has to do with the beauty of the oak itself. Most oak varieties accept all kinds of finishes well, and if a natural finish is used, the oak darkens to an innate richness over time. Cabinet makers live working with oak because it can be fashioned into so many different designs. Oak bookcases are found in a generous selection of contemporary, traditional, country, or mission styles.

Oak is not an endangered wood, but rather is one of the most abundant and affordable hardwoods available. Oak bookcases provide beautiful, practical, durable storage, and that is no myth.