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Oak Dining Chairs

The style of a dining chair is usually created to compliment the table it is used with. You will find many different designs used in creating oak dining chairs that can be either elegant or casual in style. The basic chair used with a formal oak dining table will be created with a taller back section than chairs used with kitchen table sets. These taller chairs made of oak may include a seat cushion as well as a back cushion placed onto the wood. These types of padded chairs are created to be used in a formal dining room and come with assorted patterns and colours used for the cushion coverings. The various oak chairs can also be found in a traditional ladder back design with the back section having rails or wood slats running in a vertical or horizontal direction.

The oak wood used to construct the chairs used for dining will come in a few different colour options including light oak. You will also see some of the chairs designed to have arm rests. The chairs with arm sections are usually placed at the end sections of a table, while the mid section chairs will have no arms. This allows for better movement for the people seated at the table. The chairs with arm rests will have them constructed in a few different shapes that can be straight square styles or curved bowed styles. The back section can also be found in some open decorative designs that include a curved inner slat to enhance the design of the piece.