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Oak Laundry Baskets

There are several pieces of oak wood products designed to be used in the bathroom. Among these items you will find the oak laundry baskets. These are solid wood cabinets designed to be used as laundry hampers. The basic design has the item made in a square shape with a hinged lid. A variation on the hinge style is the design that uses a hydraulic mechanism to prevent the lid from slamming shut on a person's fingers. The oak bin used for laundry can come in a few different shades of the natural wood or it may be an unfinished piece you can paint yourself. The oak basket used to hold laundry may also come as part of a line of products designed for the bathroom.

Choosing a line of oak cabinets for your bathroom will help create a professional design that will include the laundry hamper. The square shape of the hamper makes it easy to use with a liner such as a sturdy plastic bag. There are also some designs that have a open slat style of lid so the circulating air helps disperse odours often associated with laundry items. The tough oak wood used for the various lids can also double as a seat for people in the bathroom. The laundry unit usually only stands a few feet in height so it can be accessed by all members of your family. The stylish design of a laundry basket made from oak is created to be long lasting so it will enhance your bathroom for many years to come.